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for food and beverage industry


Branding is the special sauce making your foodie business unique and different from every other company. 

We create your very own branding style by researching and analysing market players and identifying your target audience. We ask you many questions to capture the whole vision, shape values and get the message you want to deliver to the market.


Apart from logo design you will receive the style guide (Brandbook) with visual elements like colour, fonts, icons, imagery tone etc. Your brand passport sets directions for using your logo across all assets and location with a consistent visual presentation.  


But let’s be honest, we don’t create your brand (that’s a long term and complex process) but suggest the direction for your brand. Expect your visual brand to take time (years) to make a strong impression on your audience.

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Branding Deliverables

Branding is not just a logo design!

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Logo Design

Unique logo in all formats you may need for online usage and for printing.

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Style Guide

A document with all guidelines for using your logo:




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Branded Stationery

Business Card Design

Covers for social media

Instagram feed and more*

*Specific items can be included with an extra fee

How much does branding cost?

Branding Only Package


Branding Package

(Within Website Development)

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