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Marketing in food industry

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Branding and Marketing basics for Pizza business

Branding strategy in pizza business (like in any other business) is based on two main aspects of communication: visual and verbal. Let's talk about some basic ideas behind successful pizza brand strategy. While I was looking for a few decent examples of pizza branding I realised that the pizza industry is very conservative in terms of visuals. Most of pizza shop logos include a chef hat or Italian flag or just pizza itself. It creates a "deja vu" effect. If you want to stand out you must step away from those ideas.

There are quite few logo concepts I liked

Pizza package design

As an important part of the visual strategy, pizza package design gives you the chance to "talk" to your clients, create the right image and tell the story. Sometimes those pizza boxes are even more than that. Look at theses package ideas. How good are they? Quite handy, especially for business lunches. What a nice way to provide a little bit extra care and smooth user experience :).

Pizza package is the place where your brand visual strategy meets with the verbal strategy. Look at these examples and you will "hear" the voice of those pizza brands

Make the taste visible

In the food industry photo content impacts sales directly. Make sure you create top-quality photos. Invest in a good photographer who knows how to make your pizza look sexy:). Customers always compare the received order with the image in the ad. Using someone else's photos is not an option as your clients will feel fooled and disappointed.

A few tips for creating selling pizza photos

- Colours. The pizza should look hot. It is necessary to use warm colours.

- Crust. Pizza should have an appetizing crust on the outside and a melting on the inside.

- Cheese. Melted cheese should be visible on the pizza, as this enhances the taste

- Three-dimensional effect. This is what most pizza packages lack: the pizza looks flat. Raise the pizza by providing it with a shadow to look as if it is begging you to eat it.

- Ingredient visibility. All visible ingredients must be clear and clean, but at the same time, look real.

Get creative with offers

Pizza has long been associated exclusively with Italy, so the compilation of special holiday offers limited only by your imagination. Offer a romantic dinner for two or themed pizza delivery options (for movie parties, sports games etc.), as well as themed promo codes. You can also combine packages for big companies or private events.

Offer a single slice of pizza

Your potential customers have many different tastes. It is expensive to buy several types of pizza to try the one you like best. That's why give customers the option of buying a slice.


Everyone likes to be a part of a story.

Talk about the origin of ingredients, geography and taste, processing methods, and share recipes. The culture of street food is very romanticized. Use it to your advantage.

"Pizza near me"

is the most popular google request about pizza. No one will go a long way to buy pizza (unless you are a desperate, pregnant woman). That's why location is crucial when you try to market your pizza shop.

- Make sure your shop is listed with Google My Business,

- Invest in SEO

- Connect with local delivery companies to raise awareness about your business.

Yes, the pizza market is very saturated. But with the right strategy and ongoing marketing, you can stand out and become a leader.

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