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Marketing in food industry

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Marketing tips for ice cream business

People don't buy products. They buy emotions.

That's why ice cream shops don't need an introduction😏. Selling ice cream ultimately means selling happiness. It's available everywhere. But is it easy to sell?

We have gathered the latest trends driving many new and innovative ice cream products into the marketplace.

Sell unforgettable experience.

No details are too small. Think of music, the ability to choose toppings or cups, customize the ice cream. Create a small ritual as the part of the customer journey.

Your staff is the face of your business.

Make sure your staff knows the concept and the policy of your brand, all the products, and greet your customers with a happy attitude. Your team must align with your company's values.

Calorie Conscious Options

Consumers can feel less guilty when they buy a low-calorie ice cream option. Display calorie counts on those products in large font on the front of the package.

Ditch The Dairy

Ice creams without dairy aren't for lactose-intolerant people anymore. They are for customers looking for healthier options. Some replacements for dairy bases include coconut milk, almond milk and oat milk.

Add Functional Benefits

Who can walk past the ice cream with probiotics, protein, fibre or CBT? Absolutely no one! Use this to your advantage.

Win-Win Collaborations

Exciting new flavours can be achieved through cross-category innovation, bringing multiple brands together.

Sophisticated Flavour Profiles

Don't be afraid to experiment with flavours that are unique, refined, and complex.

Some of them might include ethnic flavours, alcohol, tea, or spices. Bring in Savory or Salty Flavours

Limited Time Offers

Anything that might create a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in consumers. Besides, it is the best way to test a new flavour.

And here is collection of creative campaigns for your inspiration

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