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Marketing trends for breakfast snacks

Cereals have been on the market for over a century and became leaders among other breakfast options. Soggy, crunchy, sweet or plain, everyone can find cereal to enjoy. If you are looking into marketing your granola, cereal, or ready-to-eat product there is massive potential in this industry. Let's reveal it together.

Cereal was founded in 1863. However, it took around 75 years to hit the market. What made them so popular? Evolving recipes, excellent packaging, and the convenience of this breakfast option have made it stand out and interest the consumers. However, there was something else…

Granola and cereal marketing experts created a statement:

"Breakfast is the most important meal in a day."

Yes, that's right. It was not created by doctors but by marketers! Of course, later on, scientists have proven the importance of breakfast. However, marketers created a unique culture around breakfast that is relevant to our day.

Some other marketing tricks that work with granola and cereals are

Healthy trends

There are so many different cereal options, and it's hard to call them all "healthy" because of the amount of sugar and artificial flavours. However when creating a product, think of the healthy trends to implement:

  • Zero fat

  • Gluten-free

  • Zero sugar

  • Keto-friendly

  • Paleo

  • Non-GMO

You can also incorporate different types of ancient grains, superfoods, probiotics, seeds and nuts. Options are unlimited.


There are communities of cereal lovers who collect cereal boxes. Some of them cost up to $2000😳 In saying that, sustainable packaging is becoming more and more popular. When creating a packaging, try to think in three ways:

  • Sustainable material

  • Bright and catchy design

  • Convenience (easy opening, re-sealability)

Single serving packs are also very popular among consumers. With this option, you can target customers who don't have much time cooking and eating breakfast and tend to skip this important meal. Even though cereals are considered a breakfast option, nearly half of consumers reach for cereal snacks.

Make cereals and granola more portable. It can be done through:

  • Smaller packaging size

  • Breakfast bars

  • Ready-to-eat small packages

  • Kids friendly pack

Say goodbye to the characters on cereal boxes.

Funny characters are left in the '90s. The new design involves a slick colour palette, modern illustrations, or special features that add to the experience. Some countries want to restrict the use of characters on the boxes to avoid sugar addictions in kids, so it's definitely something to consider when creating a concept of your brand.

If you are associated with the cereal/granola business in any way, this is your opportunity to grow your business. One product equals so many serving varieties, the choice of ingredients and design options. YOUR OPPORTUNITIES ARE UNLIMITED. Take the most out of it!

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