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Marketing in food industry

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Marketing in coffee industry

We did a research recently prior creating a new coffee brand coming to Australian market. The main idea we came up with as a result is that brand strategy for coffee shouldn't be around the product itself. If you want to stand out with a new coffee brand you are officially allowed to break the rules, go nuts and turn on creativity within your marketing strategy

We want to share with you our research outcomes to outline main ideas you can apply in your coffee branding (or rebranding :)


We better stay away from the overused visual concept: those brown logos with beans, cups with steam or the “coffee” word in various styles.

Get to emotional level

If we set apart those connoisseurs of coffee who know the best coffee shops in the city and drive a mile or two to get their morning espresso :) more or less coffee tastes as coffee. Focus on emotional level of the product: friends, love, lifestyle, energy, health etc.


Having a Persona as the part of your brand ID is not yet so popular within industry while it can be really a good idea to set apart your brand.

Take away cups

Surprisingly branded cups are very underestimated in coffee branding. Placing your logo on the cup is not really fun. Right idea and design will turn a cup into a long-term advertising asset. Make your clients smile and see how your brand is shared in instagram :)


Coffee brands can team up with other product manufacturers to make highly popular combinations. Coffee and chocolate? Coffee and ice cream? Coffee and coffee? :)

Branded Hashtag

More than 130 million posts in Instagram have #coffee hashtag. Most posts are not paid ad. People are ready to spread your brand. Create your own hashtag and let your clients promote your coffee brand

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