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Marketing in food industry

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Marketing in Wine Industry

Yes we all know that the main aim of a marketing strategy is to win clients’ loyalty. We have some bad news for marketers in wine industry. Wine connoisseurs are “anti-loyal”. They always look for new countries, terrariums, varieties, blends and wineries. Understandable, wine is a boundless ocean of aromas and flavours, it’s hard to stop “the journey” :) In wine business you have to always jump over your head in your marketing activities. Here are a few known marketing tactics working great in wine industry

Sensory Perception

People make the purchase decision in front of hundreds bottles. It is important to go beyond of great visual concept and create elements for tactile and sensory perception: the texture of the paper, the weight and shape of the bottle, creative post print solutions of embossing or selective varnish… We have gathered a few creative examples of wine labels design


If you want people to visit your tasting room or winery, create content promoting other local businesses nearby. People will be intrigued when they see that by visiting your establishment, they can also visit several other local attractions.

Tasting Samples

Free samples work. Go beyond your primary location

Studies show that up to 48% more people make a purchase after sampling a product. Set up a pop-up shop in a local liquor store, at a festival or in a farmers market

Events Hosting/Sponsorship

Whether it is a comedy festival, open air cinema or even a nonprofit gala, events have the greatest potential for wine sales. Focus on the right concept, planning and well thought idea of further interaction with guests are the key factors.

Members-only Events

The clubs cultivate repeat business and provide sustainable cash flow (up to 33% of the average winery’s income). That’s the way to build your loyal community in exchange for a significant discount, invitations to members-only events, and unlimited free tastings at the winery.

Different Packaging

Double, triple wine boxes, package with a wine glass or a Corkscrew… these are only very basic ideas of how to stand out on the shelf and add up more value for a buyer! Look at these wine packaging ideas

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