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Marketing strategy for cheese production. Packaging

We can roughly split the cheese market into two main categories:

  1. Turophiles (or caseophile) - those cheese lovers who can define the origin and age of a cheese block by smell

  2. People who just buy cheese weekly to eat it or cook with it

From understanding who your customer is, you should build your marketing strategy for cheese production and distribution. If you target the first group of true cheese lovers, focus on the legend of your brand: origin, history, how you made it and what the cow was eating for breakfast :)

If your average client buys your brand from the nearest grocery, you have more focal points to build your brand around. Nowadays, packaging must be the centre of your marketing strategy, not the taste of cheese. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your product shouldn’t be delicious. Not only package design matters but the “usability” and diversity of it. Cheese is the very product to go off the path to experiment with new forms of packing

Based on the latest trends in the cheese market, we gathered a few ideas for different packaging options


Snacking was a growing trend before Covid-19. Now, with many more people working just a few feet from the kitchen, snacking is more popular than ever.

With the decline in takeout at the office, restaurant dining, and school lunches, people are stocking their pantries with comforting snacks

Healthy snacks

The snacking trend goes beyond cheat foods and addicting cheesy flavours.

Many consumers are seeking out healthier snacks. They’re focused on portion control. In many snack products, cheese plays a critical nutritional role as a filling source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.


People tend to pay more for cheese if it has well-presented creative packing. So, the set of different sorts of cheese or a basket with cheese and a related product can be indeed a great idea for a present.


Cheese is nearly the number one snack in kids lunch boxes. Parents like to feed their kids healthy snacks. Kids love monsters, dinosaurs, robots, superheroes. Packaging for kids’ cheese snacks must be not only fun but easy to open

Boards/platters sets

Cheeseboard sets are about friends, parties, dates. You can complement the set with some additional products. It always goes with wine. Play around these topics in the package design. Why not add a special touch with a card.

For Cooking

The secret ingredient is always cheese. The secret of ingredient packaging is specific: grated Parmesan for pasta or cubed feta for Greek salad. Add a traditional or twisted recipe to your package.


Cheese became a prime ingredient in a major food industry trend of plant-based alternatives. People who choose to be vegan care about the health of our planet, not less than their health. Let’s be sure that the package will be eco-friendly, plastic-free, and so on

Whether you want to appeal to consumers who love and live cheese or those who daily cheese needs in the kitchen, we can help identify your client and craft a customised strategy just for them!

Contact us today if this sounds like something you need as part of your digital marketing plan.

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