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Marketing in food industry

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Vegan Marketing

Vegans are the most attentive and demanding buyers, those who read the ingredient list carefully and can send it for an independent expertise if something makes them suspicious. You have to comply the rules or stay away from that sector.

It is crucial to understand that vegans are not only avoid eating animal products, it is much more than that. There is a certain market segment - LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). These are people for whom not only the benefits and safety of products are important, but also an understanding of how their purchases affect the world around them.

Here are three don’ts to consider in the marketing strategy for a vegan brand

Don’t preach

Vegan marketing shouldn’t emphasise the “superiority” of being vegan. No need to build a wall between people just based on their diet or beliefs.

Don’t be so serious

In general, health and sustainability topics often considered as very serious. They are, but vegans are just like everyone else love having some fun :) Be brave and creative in your visuals and marketing communications.

Don’t exclude non vegans

Even if not sticking to a strictly vegan diet, many consumers are changing their eating behaviours due to the new levels of awareness and innovative food alternatives.

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